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5 reasons why the local church is a great place for creatives

“You can’t get this kind of training anywhere else. Everywhere else you’d have to pay” -Omar El-Takrori

In the first episode of Divine Hustle Omar & John talk about why the local Church is the #1 place for creatives to learn and grow their craft. After operating in the creative media departments of mega churches, startup churches, and small-to-mid-size churches for over 3 decades, paid & unpaid, and currently serving at City Light Church in Vegas, we recognize that the Church is the greatest opportunity to grow as a creative. We believe the Church is the #1 place to learn for beginning photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists because of the simple fact that every week brings consistent opportunities to practice your craft within a live production context.

There are many reasons why the local Church is the perfect place to start and here’s why:

1. Accessibility

Where else can you get to voluntarily join other creatives to collectively produce high quality live & social content without the fear of performance, getting fired, and making mistakes? The Church is a place of grace and excellence. Every local church has a message and every message needs a messenger. Being a part of church creative is that lane where you can discover your love for the craft and develop a skill set that can take you beyond the four walls of the church. The Church should gladly welcome creatives with open arms so the message could go out to the masses in a way that best represents the culture it is embedded in. Having the opportunity to join the team is as simple as letting someone that is already doing it at church know that you’re interested in what they do and would love to be a part of it.

2. Mentorship

The local church is the #1 place to find true mentorship as a creative. Mentors are there to see you become the best version of yourself and to go beyond the skills of the mentor. We find that a great creative mentor in the church is a massive key to unlock faster growth as an artist due to the fact of the calling to create impact and impart what they’ve learned in their own journey. We find that great creative mentors in church desire to share what they know and are humble enough to teach without wanting to be the best in the room. Mentors are here to serve and see & impart greatness in the next generations to continue, challenge and create the future of church culture.

3. Resources

This has to be one of our favorite reasons to join a creative team at church. If you don’t own your own equipment, most churches will provide gear for you to use to capture content! MIND = BLOWN. The majority of local churches out there have budgets, whether big or small, that go directly to audio, worship, and media. This is because they know how important it is to operate a live event and produce quality content for the congregation to consume throughout the week whether it’s worship music, live-stream video, video for church website, or photography for social media. If you are just starting out and feel stuck at where you’re at because of access to resources, the local church is the greatest place to be able to get your hands on equipment and level up in your craft.

4. A safe place to fail

We have all been there. You just don’t start creating great content. Our friend Sean Cannell always says, “Your first videos, will be your worst videos”. That couldn’t be more truthful! The local church is the best place to start learning your creativity because leaders already know failure is part of the process to creating greatness! If you are serving at a church with great leadership then you will feel grace in the correcting, not shame, or guilt that failure can bring. Great leaders guide you through failure and use failure as stepping stones to help get you to higher peaks in your creativity. Being a part of a church community of creatives should help elevate your work by alleviating the pressure of letting someone down when you make mistakes.

We remember the days where pastors and leaders gave us constructive criticism. The key word is “Constructive” not “Destructive”. A great leader will build you up as a creative. Instead of hearing, “I don’t like it,” “That looks terrible,” “Yikes,” (Which by the way we have heard before) a great leader will explain, hopefully in a compassionate way, what the content you produced needs so it can be better. Some of those conversations sound like, “Looked like you got a ton of content, let’s look through them together and see which ones we would be able to use to share the life of the church and the culture that best represents us”. A great leader takes the time to create great creatives.

5. Lastly, you can create a career from what you learn in church

Because of the spirit of excellence is practiced day-after-day, week-after-week, in the local Church, it transfers a unique skill that not many people can learn in any other circumstances, that is the skill of professionalism. The church is made up of many people, many people come with many personality traits. When you work with different personalities you have to quickly learn how people communicate and adopt a process for creating and delivering content. This is a unique skill that translates in the real world very well and can ultimately be used to send you straight to the top of your career! Businesses and brands pay people not just by the products they produce but the process and journey they take them through. When you have learned creativity in the local church, you have the best opportunity to learn leadership skills and communication. Every team player has strengths and weaknesses and the Church is a great place to explore how to receive direction and give direction for one great cause, working together as one great voice, to share one great message and that is the message, the good news of Jesus Christ.

We hope this helps you on your journey as a creative! Come back and check out our other episodes as we dive deep into creating great photographs and building your team of creatives.

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