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5 Tips To Hustling at Home

The most exciting thing as a new entrepreneur is the idea of working from home. You are in charge of your schedule and everything else for that matter. Sounds great right! It’s the dream!

And then, the day comes where you just don’t want to get out of bed at 7 am. So you convince yourself that since you work at home, you have all the time in the world to get things done. You pull your covers back over and doze off into another snooze. What you don’t realize is that by deciding to sleep in this “one time”, it actually trains your brain to get comfortable with prolonging schedules. Soon enough, you’re waking up at 10 am every morning, and spending an hour or two just getting out of your bedroom. So now its almost noon and you haven’t done any work yet! Don’t worry; we have all been there. The good thing is that its an easy adjustment. All it takes is time and effort. Now I know life always has its curve balls, so take these tips and see what fits you and your life. Here are 5 quick tips to help you as you hustle while working at home.

1) Plan Ahead

Sometime during the week, preferably a Sunday or Monday, set aside time to start planning out the things you need to accomplish. This will help you keep organized so that when other things do come up, you are able to prioritize better. For me, I use Mondays as my planning day. I sit, with my phone, email, and planner, going over all the things we have to do. With a realistic perspective, I place the task where I would most like it to be completed. I do this in my personal planner and a Google Calendar that John and I share. This way, we both see what’s expected for the week.

Make sure to pace yourself on the tasks! If there are too many to do’s, you will get overwhelmed fast and become unmotivated. Which nobody wants. Stick with at least 3 major tasks to accomplish per week. We call them "the Big 3".

2) Make an Office Space

This one can be tricky, especially if space is limited in your home. For John and I, we try our best to keep our work-space strictly work. John has his own office, where he can take calls and focus on projects. Unfortunately, I don’t. So for me, I have to really strategize my work environment. I will work at the kitchen table most days, but it has to be clear of everything. And because my kitchen table looks directly into my kitchen, that needs to be clean as well. Other wise I will be too distracted by the dishes in the sink, I’ll be forced to choose what to work on. Do I work on the Kitchen or do I respond to emails?

I will usually take my Monday to clean the environment I work at. I also have a productive playlist I listen for when I’m working. I will not play it any other time except for work. It really helps me to stay focused until that task is finished.

3) Make Time For You

Many entrepreneurs swear by meditation. I say, do whatever fills your heart up. If you like to go for a walk with worship playing, or stretch to reading the word, then do it! It can be done at any time of day, not just the morning. It all really depends on you and your needs. You can simply set your alarm for whatever time works for you and spend it with you and God. We all know that nothing is possible with out God in the center or our life. So make it a point to be with Him. I personally like to mix up my time. One day I will make a cup of coffee, grab my bible and journal and just be. Other days I will do some simple yoga stretches to worship in the mornings.

4) Have an End Time

Time management is EVERYTHING as an entrepreneur. If you’re close ended like me, then this isn’t too difficult to end your day at a certain time. If you’re open ended like John, it’s not as easy. Sometimes I have to drag him out of the office at 10:30 pm! To keep your home life and work life separate, I truly believe it is a must to have an end time to work. You can set it at whatever time, but know that once the clock hits that time, it’s pencils down! Turn off your computer if you have to. But close it all up, and mentally “clock out”. This not only allows your brain to rest and begin shutting down, but it also gives you time to focus on other areas in your life.

5) Have Fun

Being an entrepreneur is fun! You are in control of your time. You have the freedom to go to the beach for lunch if you wanted to. Don’t get so caught up in the stuffiness of work. You chose this lifestyle for a reason. Remind yourself of that reason everyday, so when it is hard to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, you don’t have to convince yourself every time. You just know! This is the life you want to live. And you want to live it well! John and I will sometimes move our tasks around so we can sneak off to Disneyland for just a couple of hours. We call it a “long lunch”. Or we will both sit at the beach if we need to refresh. Whatever it is, just make sure to add a little fun to your hustle!

Remember, to give yourself grace as you discover your natural routines. You can always research ideas; but don’t be afraid to try new things. The most important thing about hustling from home, is knowing how you function! Give yourself the freedom to learn. It took me a long time to figure out my flow, but once I did, I now know where and how I can work well! The hustle of any entrepreneur is such a roller coaster. It’s key to know what season you’re in, and to remind yourself that you won’t be here forever!




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