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Dear Divine Women

My dear ladies! Welcome to the Divine Women Tribe. As the “First Lady” of Divine Hustle, I am so honored to create a place specifically for you. It’s a place to share stories on how to affectively hustle either on our own, or with our partners.

It may come to a surprise but in the beginning, as John and I dreamt of Divine Hustle, I was the biggest Debbie downer. I really struggled with the idea of starting something completely new, with no guidelines, only to see it possibly working out. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the unknown. I come from a family that taught me to work hard, but work to me was always the typical task jobs. I worked in retail for over 10 years and as a makeu0p artist for 6. I knew how to work, but my concept of work came from someone else setting my schedule and paying me for that time. As an entrepreneur, that mindset does not exist. It is actually the complete opposite. I went from corporate world, to freelancing as a makeup artist, to a full-blown business owner. On top of learning life as a 20 something, living on my own, to eventually getting married. That’s a lot of shifting to walk through. The one thing that I have learned on this journey of being a Divine Hustler is exactly what we say. Praying like it’s up to God, and Hustling like it’s up to you. That phrase a lone teaches me exactly who is in charge. I can work as much or as little, and still my God is the one who makes things happen. It doesn’t mean I can just sit on the couch all day, even though some days it’s so tempting. But it means that as I work, living out my responsibility to what God has put on mine and my husband’s heart is up to us. Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps” We still need to plan and be diligent, and ultimately God will bring the fruit and determine where we end up.

Here on Divine Women, as we walk together discovering how we can live out the hustle, I pray that we are all able to not only learn, but we grow. Developing the skills and power we need to live life to the fullest. If you are married, I am excited to talk about how to be the support that our husbands need during thee hustle. If you’re single, I am equally excited to share with you how to prepare yourself for the future and stay focused on your God given hustle. Let do this ladies!!! xoxo




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