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God Blesses Hard Work

“The Lord will not let the godly go hungry, but he refuses to satisfy the craving of the wicked. Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich.” -Proverbs 10:4

What does living in the Divine Hustle mean?

It’s an idea that God blessed our hard work.

We do what we can do as God does what we cannot do.

A lot of people live in the waiting. Waiting for the right season, the right person, the right job opportunity. God just wants us to go. God will bless you as you move. When you begin to walk, God begins to work. Most importantly God has already laid out work for us to do!

“For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” - Ephesians 2:10

Do you have the right perspective?

Ask God to increase your capacity

Don’t complain when you feel overwhelmed

Ask God to give you Margin

Don’t just be a financial contributor

Be a part of what God is doing at your local church

Big question for you to think about: Where do you get your energy from?

Hustle without its divinity will run dry and you’ll get burned out.

God-breathed hustle will allow you to work in the 200% mindset that is the Divine Hustle.

Church Production

There is a rhythm and flow when it comes to producing a smooth Sunday Service. When things are working properly, slides are running great, sound board isn’t possessed, people don’t tend to notice, but when the wrong backtrack gets played, microphones aren’t turning on, the wrong video shows up on the screen… The first person to get “The Look” is your production manager or back of house. Excellence is a spirit in which we want to impart into you and your local team. We will tackle a ton of ways to go about building an excellent church production and share all the tips & tricks we’ve learned throughout the decades of putting together a service that creates rhythm and impact on a weekend or weekday experience.

Worship Production

Let’s be honest, when you’re part of a startup church or a church that meets up at a venue, maybe at a high school auditorium or movie theater, it’s hard to make Sunday’s worship set feel big or full. Sometimes there one worship leader with an acoustic guitar or maybe just a few musicians are available. Throughout our journey on this podcast we’re going to explore how you can enhance your worship experience whether that is with worship backtracks that helps build a thicker atmosphere or how to create dynamic worship slides. Stay tuned as we bring in worship leaders and directors that have had great success in creating excellent worship productions.

Social Media

Every church start off with two campuses. The physical local campus where we congregate and then there is the virtual or digital campus where we can populate with content throughout the week that can express the culture and life of the church. Social media is kind of a pain point for a lot of small to mid size churches due to the fact that it takes time to nurture an online community. Having someone on your team at a local church that is passionate about the online community makes it really simple to create more engagement online. You wouldn’t want someone to be managing the online church community who isn’t passionate about social platforms or passionate about creating genuine connection with people because they will ultimately feel burned out and become dispassionate about representing the church online.

Power tip: Reverse engineer your Sunday. Take the message and create micro content whether that’s video clips that are already being recorded or snag a few photos throughout your service so you can use them throughout the week. You also don’t need a fancy dslr or mirrorless camera, your smartphone is powerful enough to take and edit engaging photos. Also, make sure you use the most of your platforms screen real estate! If you can post videos and photos (Specifically on instagram) that are 4x5 (1080x1350) resolution, then you should think of posting content in that format to take up as much screen real estate as possible. This technique will help people stop the scroll on your church’s content because it stands out for other people's content.

Don’t use social media just as a community board. See social media as a place you can pastor people. Nurture your audience on social media by creating content that can engage with them. What worship set are you playing this weekend? Hey pastor can we get you on video for the gram talking about your big takeaways from Sunday’s message? Things like that will increase your engagement and will create an online culture for your local church.


When it comes to creativity in the church, there should be a wellspring of ideas and inspiration to pull from! Whether it’s baptism recaps, church news segments, event highlights, sharing how God moved in the last youth night, women’s night, men’s hangout, etc… The big idea about creativity is how to tell the story of your church with visual communication. Again, you don’t need an expensive dslr camera! There is incredible content to be made with just you iPhone or smartphone. In our next youtube videos we are going to dive deep into using your smartphone to create better content. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it.


The local church has the greatest message on planet Earth, but no one will know because no one will be able to discover it due to lack of strategy. Deciding to post your sermon videos on YouTube verses posting them on Vimeo is a huge strategy tip when you know that YouTube is owned by Google and is typically used as a search engine not just a video platform. People look up churches and sermons by keywords and titles on youtube maybe even before they even google it. They might look up a sermon topic that resonated with them or even a pastor’s name and if those keywords are in your video, your sermon videos will be the first to get discovered. Strategy has to do with creating a dynamic workflow that maximizes efficiency and creates easier processes for your leaders or social managers to adopt and adapt to. We’re excited to share strategies we’ve learned over the years that are going to help your local church!

Ask yourself and your team, “Why are we doing things this way?” “Is there a better way to do this?” “Where are people hanging out and how can we utilize that platform as best to its ability?”

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