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I get it! You're either just starting twitter or you've been on it for a while and it just isn't poppin for you.

Understanding the problem👇

On an average 6000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter every second and without an algorithm, the best ones might get buried under all the noise.

In order to improve user experience, Twitter has shifted to an algorithm-based feed — a new way in which we see our current timeline. An algorithm that helps in showcasing the best + most desired content right at the top.

Before we go into discussing tricks and tips that drive a higher reach and engagement for our tweets, let’s first understand how the Twitter algorithm works.

How Twitter Algorithm works

First things first: 1. The Twitter algorithm is ever-evolving. 2. Your Twitter timeline is a mix of real-time and algorithmic content, i.e., it is not 100% algorithmic.

When you log in to Twitter, you’ll land on your Home timeline and you’ll see:

  1. Ranked Tweets

  2. In case you missed it

  3. Everything else

Ranked Tweets 🏅

While they look like any other tweet on your feed, ranked tweets are algorithmically calculated and are most likely those tweets that are very relevant to you.

The relevancy is based on: 1. Accounts you interact the most with. 2. Tweets you engage with.

Understanding Twitter reach and engagement 🚀

First off, let’s define your Twitter persona. You might fall in one of the following categories -

  1. You’re new to the Twitterverse and you need to build your empire from scratch.

  2. You’ve been here for a while, you have a lot of inactive followers, you’re following a lot of inactive accounts and you’ve noticed that some of your followers have been wiped away by Twitter.

  3. You’ve been on Twitter for a while but haven’t managed to gain any traction.

Irrespective of which category you fall under, you need to - 1. Have more live conversations 🗣 2. Get noticed by more accounts 👀 3. Regularly connect and engage with new accounts 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

If your Tweet receives high interactions, it’ll be ranked at the top of your followers timeline and chances are it’ll be shown to the users who don’t follow you!

Let's get to increasing your Twitter reach!

As a marketer, here are some things you should definitely be doing if you’re on Twitter to increase your reach and better your engagement.

  1. Create shareable content — Relatable content, quotes, etc.

  2. Tweet often and at the right time . You can use or All for FREE, to find the best results.

  3. Schedule your tweets — To make sure you don’t go out of sight and mind. I personally use

  4. Keep self-promotion minimal — Less is more.

  5. Be appropriately humorous. It's hard to be a comedian now a days without offending someone. I can be making a peanut butter jelly sandwich and someone would get offended.

  6. Edit/ review your tweets.

  7. Use great visuals. I use a combination of Unsplash, Adobe Spark, and to create engaging visuals.

  8. Ask questions.

  9. Run polls.

  10. Spruce up your profile — Review your profile picture, bio and cover image time to time to make sure it’s still relevant.

  11. Use the right hashtags based on your industry.

  12. Tweet about trending hashtags.

  13. Reply to all the mentions.

Let’s dive deeper 🏊‍

The way Twitter’s algorithm works, you can see that it’s important that your Tweets get ranked. To show up on Ranked Tweets, it is important to -

  1. Interact with your followers

  2. Keep connecting with new accounts

  3. Keep posting consistently

  4. Start or contribute to conversations

Some TIPS & TRICKS for you!

1 - Repurpose your content purposefully

Why — As marketers, we’ve been used to share and re-share the same content numerous times. A lot of us have done it without making any changes to the original copy. However, Twitter doesn’t favour repetition of the same content anymore. If you post the same thing repeatedly Twitter will figure it out and decrease your reach. But, if your audience liked what you tweeted once, chances are that they’re interested in similar content. If you share the same content in a different way, you’ll still get interaction.

2 - Tweet Video content

Why — Videos grab more attention the moment they show up on our feeds. If your followers interact with it, your reach increases and this effect can be exponential.

Bonus ⭐️

Make sure your Pinned tweet is the best piece of content that you’ve posted or is something you’d like your followers to connect with. When a new follower visits your profile, apart from your bio, cover picture and profile image, they will also check your pinned tweet.






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