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The Church's Social Dilemma

It's no secret. Social Media isn't going away! In fact, it was been dominating our time and attention . We are spending way too much time on our smart phones, aimlessly scrolling through social media. What we do know is that its algorithm is designed to keep on the platform and artificial intelligence learning more about us and predicting our next move. But what is the Church's place in all of this? Is there a place for the Church on social media and if so, why would the Church want to subscribe to the idea of being a part of this digital dilemma?

What does the future of church look like?

We really don't know, but we have clues to where it may be headed. During the pandemic churches quickly realized how important being online would become the most crucial and vital part of ministry! How do people in a community stay deeply connected without being able to be in proximity of each other physically? The answer was to log online.

I personally don't see lockdowns as a bad thing, even though more than half church pastors felt the tension, some had to make tough decisions, some completely abandoned ship. I personally saw this pandemic as an accelerator. It revealed a lot of information. Could the local church survive a shutdown? Well the answer is simple. Yes, it can. Not because I'm trying to be optimistic, but because we have evidence in the bible that it has in the past!

2000 years ago, the Apostle Paul was in lockdown. Firstly, he was in lockdown in a literal prison in Caesarea for two years (Acts 24:27). Then he was escorted to Rome by a Centurion and spent another 2 years under house arrest while awaiting trial. Approximately 4 years later he is arrested again, and this time ends up in a real prison in Rome until he was beheaded by the Romans.

Paul used the communication system of the day to remain in proximity with the church. He used writings to encourage the church and remind them the "Why" in what they are doing.

What would Paul do in today's world with technology? I think he would be very fond of social media. He would probably be on twitter and using Instagram stories as much as possible, with an occasional live-stream here and there. What do you think?

What the future of church looks like is both/and.

Church community will still be meeting in-person, that will never change. There is nothing like worshipping together. Church community will also be an online community where there is not boundaries to reach, time, and engagement. Social media is a two-way street, filled with conversation. People are hanging out online, it has become a literal place. For instance, a high school graduation took place completely on the game fortnite back in June 2020, where all the students gathered and had a ceremony online. How is this possible!?

Simply put, people will make a way to feel deeply connected no matter the circumstance. Social media has become a physical location where people gather, get inspired, and feel connected. This is where communities are being built, this is where the people in your church are going. What are you doing about it?

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